Richard W. Moncrief

Richard Moncrief

B.S.P.E., 1965
Moncrief Oil International

Dick Moncrief is a third-generation principal in Moncrief Oil, a family-owned oil and gas exploration and production company with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. He earned his bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from The University of Texas in 1965.

Dick participates in U.S. oil and gas exploration and production with his father, W.A. "Tex" Moncrief, and his brothers. In 1970, he formed Moncrief Oil International, Inc. (MOIL) to expand into the international arena of oil and gas exploration and production. In 1975 MOIL established production in the Gulf of Suez for the State of Israel. The Alma field was relinquished to Egypt in the Camp David accords. In 1992, MOIL became involved in oil and gas projects in the former Soviet Union. Over the next 15 years, MOIL acted as an agent for U.S. Eximbank's first loan in Russia and obtained ownership in a Russian gas field and Azerbaijan oil fields. The Azerbaijan oil fields have been sold to a Chinese oil company and the Siberian gas field is currently the subject of litigation in Texas and German courts.

Dick currently serves on the board of trustees for the Amon Carter Museum, Ft. Worth's world-renowned American art collection; the William A. and Elizabeth B. Moncrief Foundation, which contributes to many educational, health, civic and cultural organizations and The University of Texas Development Board. He served as the 2007-08 chair of the All-American Wildcatters Association, an oil industry fraternity of oil and gas producers. He previously served on the boards of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, JPMorgan Chase Bank, The University of Texas Endowment Campaign, and the U.S./Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce. Dick is a member of the Littlefield Society and a Friend of Alec Life Member.

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