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Photo of Baccelli, Francois

Baccelli, Francois

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Simons Chair in Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering

RLM 8.100

Department Areas

Communications, Networks, and Systems (CommNetS)

Research Interests

Intersection of mathematics, telecommunications, and information theory

Photo of Bahadur, Vaibhav

Bahadur, Vaibhav

Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor

+1 512 471 0233
ETC 7.138

Department Areas

Thermal/Fluid Systems

Research Interests

Thermal Sciences, Energy Systems, Oil and Gas Flow Assurance, Water, Materials

Photo of Baker, Aaron

Baker, Aaron

Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor

Marion E. Forsman Centennial Professorship in Engineering

BME 5.202D

Department Areas

Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

Research Interests

Cardiovascular biology including atherosclerosis, thrombosis and in-stent restenosis; Vascular biomechanics/mechanotransduction; Development of medical devices, Drug delivery/tissue engineering systems for enhancing tissue repair; Glycobiology

Photo of Bakolas, Efstathios

Bakolas, Efstathios

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Assistant Professor

+1 512 471 4250
WRW 401E

Department Areas

Guidance and Control

Research Interests

Systems and Control theory, optimal control, control of multi-agent networks, nonlinear control, constrained control systems, differential games, applications of autonomous vehicles

Photo of Baldea, Michael

Baldea, Michael

Chemical Engineering
Assistant Professor

CPE 4.466

Department Areas

Modeling, simulation, optimization and control of process and energy systems

Research Interests

Statically Equivalent Models for Simulation and Optimization of Complex Engineered Systems; Proactive Energy Management for Buildings: Optimal Operation and Strategic Decision Support; Fault Detection and Isolation for Multi-Scale Systems

Photo of Baldick, Ross

Baldick, Ross

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Leland Barclay Fellowship in Engineering

+1 512 471 5879
UTA 7.231

Department Areas

Energy Systems; Communications, Networks, and Systems(ISE)

Research Interests

Optimization and economics applied to electric power systems, the public policy and technical issues of electric transmission under electricity market restructuring, the robustness of the electricity system to terrorist interdiction, electrification of the transportation industry, and the economic implications of integration of renewables.

Photo of Balhoff, Matthew

Balhoff, Matthew

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Associate Professor

Frank W. Jessen Centennial Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering

+1 512 471 3246
CPE 4.182A

Research Interests

Pore scale and multiscale modeling; Flow and transport in porous media; Reservoir engineering

Photo of Banerjee, Sanjay

Banerjee, Sanjay

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering No. 4

+1 512 471 6730
MER 1.606B, ENS 520A

Department Areas

Solid-State Electronics

Research Interests

Ultra-high vacuum and remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition; Silicon-germanium-carbon heterostructure MOSFETs and nanostructures; Ultra-shallow junction technology; Semiconductor device modeling

Photo of Bank, Seth

Bank, Seth

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor

Temple Foundation Endowed Faculty Fellowship No. 5

+1 512 471 9669
MER 2.606C, ENS 312

Department Areas

Plasma/Quantum Electronics and Optics; Solid-State Electronics

Research Interests

Semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices; Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), Semiconductor nanostructures, Metal/Semiconductor hetero- and nano-structures

Photo of Barber, K. Suzanne

Barber, K. Suzanne

Electrical and Computer Engineering

AT&T Foundation Endowed Professorship in Engineering

+1 512 471 6152
ACE 5.440

Department Areas

Computer Engineering; Software Engineering

Research Interests

Software engineering, design and architectures; Distributed artificial intelligence; Information assurance, trust and security; Multi-agent systems

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