Graduate Survey Results

Here is what our co-op graduates have to say about the program:

"Don't be frightened by the prospect of working full-time instead of going to school for a couple of semesters. The salary and experience that you gain from the program compensates for the fact that it will delay your graduation."

"You'll have a significant leg-up on your peers after you co-op because you'll have a more in-depth experience. Your coworkers will respect you more since you're with the company longer. You'll make a lot of money. You'll almost definitely get a job offer if you do good work and you'll probably make more than other new hires who didn't co-op. You won't be burnt out by the end of the semester - in fact, you'll be ready to get back to school after a semester. You'll make some new friends. If your co-op counts towards your degree, then that's one less class you have to take."

"You will definitely gain a more mature perspective on what you want to do with your life after college; not to mention your paychecks become the envy of your friends." "I've had a great time on this co-op and love working with this team. This is the last of my tours and during all three work terms I've gained almost a full year of industry experience while finishing my degree. It's been great switching between learning in the classroom and combining those skills and education with the skills and knowledge I've learned in the industry."

"I truly believe that doing a co-op is one of the most important things a student can do to enhance their education and marketability after graduation."

Would you recommend the Co-op Program to other students?

100% of our co-op graduates who responded to our survey said ‘yes’!

How helpful was your co-op experience?

When surveyed, 79% of co-op graduate respondents rated their co-op work experience as “very helpful” in their job search.

Where did our co-ops go after graduation?

Of those co-op graduates who responded to our surveys, 93% accepted full-time employment in industry.

Of those co-op graduates who reported accepting employment, 29% accepted with their co-op employers.