Externship FAQs

Interested in participating in the Externship Program? Interested students are encouraged to read through the following frequently-asked questions to learn more about this unique opportunity. Please contact the Externship Coordinator for further questions or concerns.

1. How long does an externship last?

Each employer has a different itinerary, but in most cases, there is an entire day of planned activities. The average Externship lasts about five hours.

2. Will I be interviewed?

No. The Externship visit is not a formal recruiting event. It is an opportunity to learn more about the field of engineering without the stress of an interview.

3. Will an externship lead to a co-op or internship? 

Not necessarily. We encourage you to bring a resume and network with the employer representatives; however, this is not intended to be a job-searching event.

4. How do I get to the employer site?

You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the employer site.

5. What do I wear to an externship visit?

Unless otherwise noted by the host employer, dress business casual. Please see ECAC's attire guidelines.

6. Am I guaranteed an externship visit?

Yes and no. Although we do our best to enlist employers from each engineering discipline and in multiple cities, not all students will be accommodated with an employer in their major and preferred location. 

Students are matched with one employer based on academic discipline in order of resume submission. Students who frequently check their emails and promptly act on them have a better chance of getting an externship with their top choice. 

Keep in mind that even if you are not matched with your top choice of employer, you will still benefit from visiting another organization and learning about how engineering is applied in the corporate world.

7. Are there any consequences if I select an employer to visit, then do not attend on the day of the externship?

Yes. If you do not show up for your externship and fail to contact both the employer and the Externship Coordinator well in advance, you will lose access to your ECAC System account. This will block you from using the online system until you come in to meet with the Externship Coordinator. Not showing up is not fair to the employer, who spends time and money preparing for you, as well as to other students who may have wanted to visit that employer.

Remember, once you select an employer to visit, you are obligated to participate. They will be expecting you and will communicate with ECAC if you do not show.

8. How do I apply?

Students must have an ECAC System account to participate in the Externship Program. See Externship Program Timeline for specific dates.

To apply:

  • Create an ECAC System account
  • Upload a resume
  • View employers participating by searching for Externship Listings
    Jobs>ECAC System Jobs>Advanced Search>Select "Show Me: Externship Listings">Search
  • Submit your resume to Externship Listings you would like to attend when student registration begins. See Externship Program Timeline for specific dates.

9. How will I be matched?

Students are matched with one employer site based on major and slots available in order of resume submission. Students who submitted their resume to multiple listings will be matched based on first available. Students will see a message within the externship listing once they have been matched. See Externship Program Timeline for specific dates.