Resume Tips for International Students

Generally speaking, there are major differences between resume formats in the United States and those in other countries. The differences noted here do not apply to all countries and do not attempt to account for individual differences or changes over time.

U.S. Resume 

  • Concise, attractive marketing tool that summarizes job skills, accomplishments, and academic background relevant to employment objective.
  • One to two pages maximum.
  • Does not include age, marital status, race, or religion.
  • May or may not include completion of military service depending upon whether it is relevant or makes the person a stronger candidate.

International Resume

  • Chronologically details academic and formal work experience.
  • Sometimes two or more pages.
  • Sometimes includes age, marital status, race, and religion.
  • Sometimes includes completion of military service.  

*Provided by The University of Texas at Austin International Office