Employer Research Guide

Research is an integral part of any job search and well worth your time and effort. Your initial research into employers will help define your job market and identify opportunities. Later, more in-depth employer research will teach you core values and mission statements, prepare you for interviews, and facilitate your decision-making process in evaluating a position.

Research 101: Find Employers

In addition to participating in on-campus interviewing and submitting your resume for job postings, you may want to find potential employers on your own. The resources listed below may help you discover which employers conduct business in your field or area of interest. They can be particularly helpful if you are doing a search within a specific geographic location.

Employer Research for Interviews

In-depth research is a must when preparing for interviews. ECAC receives a great deal of positive feedback from employers about our students, but we also get some negative observations. The first of these is that students often fail to research employers prior to their interviews.

Begin by carefully reviewing the employer's website. A homepage will often include categories of information such as "about," "business units," "careers," "projects," "services," etc. ECAC also maintains a collection of employer brochures and recruiting materials in our office. Following are a number of resources to help you gain deeper knowledge of employers.

Selected Resources for Employer Research

UT Libraries Business Databases
Use the "Business & Company Resource Center" to find company profiles, news, SWOT analysis, financials, etc.

ECAC Library Resources
Books of company profiles and industry directories are available in the ECAC Library, ECJ 3.256.

Chambers of Commerce
Contact local chambers of commerce and request information on employers in your field.

Find employer reviews and interview feedback.

Find employers by major broken down by location.