Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is a marketing document; thus, it delivers a specific message about you to your target audience. The finished product should be a simple, clean summary of your qualifications. The following are general resume guidelines for engineering students.

Sample Resume First Year

Sample Resume Undergraduate

Sample Resume Graduate Student

If students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were to use these resume formats, this is what they might look like: Resume Styles of Hogwarts School Students

Resume Format


  • One page for undergraduates and recent graduates
  • Up to two pages for graduate students and alumni with 5+ years of experience


  • Serif or sans-serif professional style (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Garamond, or Times New Roman); 10- to 12-point
  • Bold for emphasis, avoid using all caps and italics

Resume Content

Contact Information

  • First & Last Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address (optional)

Objective (Optional)

  • Geared toward full-time, co-op, or internship position of interest or industry


  • School name
  • Degree(s)
  • Major(s)
  • Grade point average (optional)
  • Minor(s) or Certificate program(s) (optional)
  • Related courses (optional)


  • Paid jobs, internships, and co-ops, volunteer work, research, academic projects
  • List in reverse chronological order or by importance to the particular job search, whichever serves best
  • Start phrase with a strong action verb
  • Avoid lengthy, paragraph-style writing
  • Provide examples of both technical and soft skills
  • Quantify or qualify your achievements whenever possible


  • In list format, computer/technical skills, soft skills, foreign languages


  • In list format, with typical areas such as: honors and awards; scholarships; memberships to student and professional organizations; volunteer work; and activities and interests

Publications and Presentations (Optional)

  • Most commonly found on graduate student resumes
  • Include those that are most relevant
  • Use a formal citation style such as APA


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