eerc labs

Inside the EERC

Serving as a hub that connects thought leaders across disciplines, this transformative facility inspires creativity and collaboration within the Texas Engineering community and with colleagues around the world. Inside, students will engage in hands-on projects and gain the skills necessary to succeed in diverse careers; researchers will push boundaries to advance and develop new technologies; and leading engineers will work together to find solutions to society’s most critical challenges.

Signature Spaces and Features

National Instruments Student Project Center

Along with the adjoining EERC atrium, the student project center is the centerpiece of the building, offering students 23,000 square feet for designing and building everything from solar cars and satellites to robots and biomedical sensors. The center is equipped with flexible lab spaces, abundant resources and knowledgeable staff.

Nasser I. Al-Rashid Foyer

Located within Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall and serving as a bridge between the two buildings, the foyer contains classrooms that enrich students' educational experiences as well as the tools and resources they need to prepare for successful careers.

Engineering Student Services and Student Life Suites

After four years of construction, these suites form a central hub where students can enjoy more convenient access to advising, career assistance and other resources.

Innovation Center

Headed by Bob Metcalfe, co-inventor of the Ethernet, the Cockrell School's first space dedicated to entrepreneurship training and commercialization programming connects experienced entrepreneurs with faculty and students and provides them with open meeting spaces, video conferencing equipment and more.

Rex and Renda Tillerson Terraces

These inspirational outdoor common areas on either side of the EERC offer a tranquil escape from the busy indoor activity and a breath of fresh air for students looking to study, relax or congregate between classes.

Texas Instruments Laboratories

The TI Labs provide state-of-the-art spaces where electrical and computer engineering students utilize the latest technologies to develop sensors, wearables and more. These spaces house undergraduate project collaboration rooms, senior design courses and research labs.

Anwar Family Learning Center

This hub of social and intellectual activity features spaces for tutoring and studying along with the McKinney Engineering Library, one of the top academic engineering libraries in the nation, with a collection of over 165,000 volumes.

Mundkur E-Loft

Overlooking Waller Creek, the E-Loft is an essential part of the atrium while maintaining a subtle and relaxing separation from the ground floor's bustling energy. This inspiring environment for study and collaboration features modern furnishings and a contemporary design.

James J. and Miriam B. Mulva Conference Center and Auditorium

The Mulva Auditorium is another unique space within the EERC. Equipped with high-end audio/visual equipment, the auditorium fits nearly 300 people and hosts visiting lectures, seminars and workshops, while spacious conference rooms provide gathering places for faculty, students and guests.

Research Labs

The north tower's multidisciplinary research labs occupy 50,000 square feet of space, while the south tower hosts seven state-of-the-art electrical and computer engineering research neighborhoods for developing technologies in computer, power, electronics and wireless networking.