EER Rooms, Reservation Policies, and General Guidelines

The Engineering Education and Research Center (EER) was designed to be the hub of engineering activities at the University of Texas at Austin and the home of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. As such, the faculty and staff within engineering have priority for reserving spaces within EER, but many rooms on the lower floors may be reserved by groups and organizations from across the UT community. The facilities in EER are not available to groups and organizations that are not associated with the University of Texas at Austin. Please note that School rooms may be used only by Faculty, Staff, and Registered Student Organizations within the Cockrell School of Engineering.

Engineering graduate students may request rooms for their dissertation and defense meetings and should work with their engineering department in making a reservation.

Undergraduate students may not request the rooms.

Public rooms within EER are categorized into four groups as listed below. The online room reservation system may be used for rooms in groups 1, 2, and 3.

The individual requesting a EERC room is responsible for the condition and proper use of the room. Clean up and return furniture to original set up before leaving.

  1. James J. and Miriam B. Mulva Conference Center and Auditorium
    This space includes an auditorium, a pre-function area, four multipurpose rooms, and a green room. Reservations are required. The Pre-function area and four multipurpose rooms are adjacent to the auditorium and must be booked separately.

    There is no food or drink allowed in the Auditorium. A UT Staff member must be present at all times to monitor this.
  2. Commons
    The atrium on Level 0 of EER may be used for special occasions, with the approval of the Dean of Engineering. Reservations are required. If rearrangement or move of the furniture in The Commons is needed for the event, it must be moved by UT Event Support & Moving Services. Approval for use of the area requires agreement to these terms.
  3. Conference, Meeting, and Seminar Rooms
    Conference, meeting, and seminar rooms are located throughout EER. Reservations are required to use these rooms on Levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
  4. Meeting and Study Rooms
    Informal rooms are located throughout the public spaces on Levels 0, 1, and 2. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations are not possible.

The rooms listed above are not available for regularly scheduled classes. The Registrar’s Office oversees scheduling of all classrooms.

The policies summarized on this website govern the reservation process and the use of EER facilities. The contact person listed on the room reservation is responsible for the condition of the room, planning and hosting the event, and assisting the attendees, as necessary. Failure to follow these policies and guidelines may jeopardize your ability to use the facilities in the future.

  • Although we anticipate that technical symposia, seminars, and special events will be held in the atrium and the James J. and Miriam B. Mulva Conference Center and Auditorium, the Cockrell School does not have the staff, storage facilities, equipment, or supplies that one expects to find at a full-service conference center. Setup and breakdown costs are the responsibility of the group/organization reserving the space. If any additional tables and chairs are needed to host the event, the organizing group must submit a work order directly to Facilities Services to rent the necessary furniture.
  • Except bottled water, requests to serve food or beverages within EER must be made at the time of the room reservation. If approved, catering can be arranged through the café or from outside vendors. Special approval is required if alcoholic beverages are served at events within EER.
  • No food or beverages, except bottled water, are permitted in the Mulva Auditorium.
  • Some of the rooms are furnished with tables that can be easily reconfigured, and the furniture must be returned to its original configuration at the conclusion of the reservation. If the room is not returned to the original configuration, the contact person will be charged for any necessary repairs, cleaning, and/or restoration costs.
  • The reservation period must include sufficient time for set-up, the event, and clean-up. All trash must be collected, removed from the rooms, and placed in the dumpsters outside the EER loading dock. The contact person should bring plastic trash bags to ensure that all trash is removed from the room and disposed of properly.
  • All event activities must take place entirely within the reserved spaces. This includes activities such as event registration, materials distribution, displays, and/or refreshments. The corridors and meeting/study rooms adjacent to the reserved spaces are not available for use.
  • Please keep noise levels to a minimum in the corridors, as classes are being held in EER.
  • Apart from the AV equipment associated with the room, no other equipment/supplies will be provided. The organizer must provide computers, extension cords, easels, etc., if needed to support the event.
  • Relocation of furniture or equipment from spaces other than the reserved room(s) within EER is prohibited.
  • Any signs directing participants to the location of an event must be removed immediately after the event. It is not permitted to hang banners and/or posters from railings or bridges within EER.

Advance Reservations

Special events hosted by a department, organized research unit, or organization within the Cockrell School will be given the highest priority for reserving spaces within EER. The windows for advance reservations are indicated below.

Date of Event Organizing Group Registration Window Opens
Fall 2017 Cockrell School of Engineering 1 July 2017
Fall 2017 UT Community 1 September 2017
Spring 2018 Cockrell School of Engineering 1 September 2017
Spring 2018 UT Community 1 November 2017
Summer 2018 Cockrell School of Engineering 1 November 2017
Summer 2018 UT Community 16 January 2018
Fall 2018 Cockrell School of Engineering 16 January 2018
Fall 2018 UT Community 1 March 2018

Room Service Fees

Users are charged a service fee to recover costs associated with AV staff and equipment in the following rooms if the AV equipment is used:

  • 0.904 - James J. and Miriam B. Mulva Auditorium
  • 2.504 - Video Conference Room, Center for Innovation
  • 3.646 - Video Conference Room

Additional details are provided on the room reservation forms.


EER staff are available to provide tours of the EER and assist in addressing equipment problems during normal working hours (8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday). Contact the ITG Service Desk ( ) for assistance with AV equipment during normal working hours.

For special events held outside of normal working hours it is the responsibility of the contact person listed on the room reservation to coordinate logistics with EER staff and/or with the ITG service desk in advance of the event.