First-Year Interest Groups

Success in engineering starts with an EOE First-Year Interest Group, or FIG.

EOE's FIG Seminars consist of discussions, presentations, activities, field trips and socials that focus on your academic and professional career. FIGs meet weekly and are a great way to make friends and form study groups, all while getting acquainted with college life. FIGs give students the opportunity to join a small cohort of students who share two to three common courses in addition to the weekly FIG seminar. Being part of a FIG gives you the chance to get off to a great start. During summer orientation, talk to your academic adviser about registering for an EOE FIG.


  • Achievers (Electrical Engineering)
  • Infinite Momentum (Multidisciplinary)
  • The Visionaries (Mechanical)
  • Strength in Numbers (Civil and Architectural)
  • Skywalkers (Aerospace)

Personalized Guidance by EOE Staff and Engineering Peer Leaders

  • In EOE's FIG Seminar, you will be matched with a team of three successful upper division students who will coach you through the first year in engineering.
  • The EOE staff of four full-time coordinators and 50 Engineering Peer Leaders/Tutors will be 100 percent dedicated to your success in college.
  • Our friendly staff will provide you with easy access to scholarship information, leadership opportunities, industry contacts, special advising and more.

Contact the EOE Office

Phone: 512-471-5953
Fax: 512-232-2448
Location: EER 2.608


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"Joining an EOE FIG is like being part of an exclusive club with special benefits."

"It's the BEST way to make transition from high school to college."

"FIG is one of the best experiences for a college freshman."

"It changed my life. I wouldn't still be at UT if I didn't join an EOE FIG."