Committees & Organizations

Accreditation & Assessment Committee

The charge of the Accreditation and Assessment Committee is to review matters pertinent to the accreditation and assessment processes associated with ABET and SACS, and to provide a forum for sharing best practices among the School and departmental leadership.

2017-18 Committee Members

    • Gerald E. Speitel Jr., Chair
    • Walter Daniel (ASE/EM)
    • Kenneth Diller (BME)
    • Carlos Caldas (CAEE)
    • Roger Bonneaze (ChE)
    • Keith Friedman (ChE)
    • Gary Hallock (ECE)
    • Matt Hall (ME)
    • Chris Rylander (ME)
    • Matt Bahoff (PGE)
    • Cindy Wilson (AAO)

      Tasks, Deliverables, and Schedule:

      1. Make recommendations to Dean, Department Chairs, curriculum committees, and/or other departmental faculty groups for implementing continuous improvement and assessment processes at the School, program, curriculum and course levels;
      2. Assist Department Chairs in preparing and ensuring that all accreditation-related documentation is complete, reviewed, and organized or submission to accreditation agencies;
      3. Make recommendations on any other matters pertinent to the School's accreditation procedures; and
      4. Submit an annual report of activities to the Dean no later than the end of August regarding School and departmental progress on all accreditation-related matters.


      Two faculty members from each department will be appointed to serve on this committee.  The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will chair this committee.

      Staff Support: