Committees & Organizations

Engineering Honors Program Committee

The charge of the Engineering Honors Program Committee is to review all matters pertinent to the activities of and admission to the Freshman Engineering Honors Program.

2017-18 Committee Members

    • Carolyn Connor Seepersad (ME), Chair
    • Greg Rodin (ASE/EM)
    • Laura Suggs (BME)
    • Adrianne Rosales (ChE)
    • Ahmit Bhasin (CAEE)
    • Alex Dimakis (ECE)
    • John Foster (PGE)
    • Amanda Golden, ex-officio
    • Michele Meyer, ex-officio
    • Clint Morris (GEC President)
    • Michael Peng (SEC President)

      Tasks, Deliverables, and Schedule:

      1. Make recommendations as needed or requested regarding the Engineering Honors Program;
      2. Make recommendations as needed or requested regarding the Freshman Engineering Honors Program;
      3. Review the honors courses and other academic honors activities in the various academic units of the School;
      4. Prepare reports to the Dean on matters as necessary throughout the year and submit a final report of activities no later than the end of the spring semester.


      The faculty designated by each department as the undergraduate honors advisor or advisors and two undergraduate honors students will be appointed to serve on this committee.  The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs will serve as an ex-officio member.  The Chair of this committee will be appointed by the Dean.

      Staff Support: