Committees & Organizations

Reactor Oversight Committee (ROC)

The Reactor Oversight Committee will ensure that the nuclear reactor and associated facilities are operated in a safe and professional manner.

2017-18 Committee Members:

  • Derek Haas (ME), Chair
  • Howard Liljestrand (CAEE) 
  • Dale Klein (ME)
  • Rick Neptune, ex-officio (ME)
  • John G. Ekerdt, ex-officio 
  • Lawrence R. Jacobi (External Representative)
  • Larry Hall, ex-officio (NETL)
  • Tracy Tipping, ex-officio (NETL)
  • Mike Whaley, ex-officio (NETL)
  • Scott Pennington (Radiation Safety Officer)

    Tasks, Deliverables, and Schedule:

    1. Make recommendations to the NETL Director for enhancing the safety of nuclear reactor operations;
    2. Carry out all requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission under the committee charter last modified on August 10, 2000, including an audit of present and future operations of the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory;
    3. Meet at least semiannually and maintain documentation of all meetings; and
    4. Provide reports to the Dean on matters as necessary throughout the year and submit a final report of activities no later than the end of the spring semester.


    Membership varies, includes members external to the School, and is chaired by a professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering.

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