New Course Development: Software Engineering and Design Laboratory (EE 461L)

Miryung Kim, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

In this talk, I will share my experience during the past academic year in developing a new software engineering and design laboratory course for the undergraduate curriculum in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE).  As the engineering of software systems becomes a part of daily work in electrical and computer engineering, our ECE graduates must understand and practice how to design, implement, test and evolve large-scale software systems. The goal of this course is to teach practical software development methods and tools in the context of developing a software system with other students in collaboration.

In the academic year of 2011 to 2012, my TA and I developed lecture materials and class activities on practical software design, construction, and evolution methods, including object-oriented design techniques, design patterns, refactoring’s, unit-testing, and bug finding. We also designed self-paced tutorials to teach practical development tools, for example, version control systems, UNIX utilities, UML modeling tools, compilation managers, JUnit, and automated bug-finders. The feedback from students on class activities and tool tutorials were quite positive.  The class activities and self-paced tutorials helped students to engage in highly abstract subject matter and to gain confidence in working with a large scale software system.

This project was funded by the Cockrell School of Engineering Academic Development Funds.  These funds are awarded to faculty for the development of courses using multimedia technology.  For information on the new software engineering course developed by Professor Kim, please visit the EE461L course website.

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