Academic Development Funds

Each March, the Academic Affairs Office sends out a memo to Department Chairs to solicit proposals from faculty.

Proposals must include the following sections:

  • Objectives,
  • Scope of Work (including the course or courses or portion of the curriculum to be impacted),
  • Benefits and Products Expected (including transferability of the work to other courses), and
  • Budget - up to one month of faculty summer salary may be included as appropriate. Salary and tuition must be included for TA's. Fringe benefits do not need to be included.

Proposals need be no longer than two or three pages. Faculty interested in submitting proposals need to know that transferability of what they produce to other classes in the School is a consideration in the selection process. They will also be asked to give a presentation about their work in a Faculty Innovation Seminar.

For additional information, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at 471-7995.

Deadlines and Events

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