Classroom and Teaching Enhancement

  • Filming and recording lectures and classroom sessions (missed classes or entire semesters)
  • Setting up standardized lecture-capture systems like Mediasite, Camtastia, Screen-o-matic and more
  • Classroom teaching response systems, like iClicker, Learning Catalytics and more
  • Modeling, illustration and animation for classroom and lab instruction

Research Visualization and Design

  • Illustration of research experiments and analyses
  • 3-D modeling and animation of research processes and complex data output

Video Production and Multimedia Communication

  • Ideation, script writing, filming and editing of video for diverse audiences
  • Video conferencing facilities using full-screen, 1080p streaming Cisco/Tandberg web-conferencing platforms
  • Filming and recording lectures and classroom sessions

Consultation and Training

  • Classroom technology needs and options assessments
  • Individualized training for a multitude of teaching and classroom technology platforms
  • One-on-one consultation to identify optimal technology and platform solutions — whether or not they can be executed in-house or through external resources/vendors

Contact Us

For more information about our services, contact FTS Director Matt Mangum or visit us in ETC 2.146.