Continuing Professional Development for Engineering Graduate Students

Continuing professional development consists of workshops that provide advanced engineering teaching certification and other professional learning opportunities to support graduate students in furthering the development of their academic and research careers.

Pre-Certification: Training in Engineering Teaching Methods

All graduate students who have not been appointed as TAs are encouraged to participate in the Engineering TA Certification Workshop at any time. When a pre-certified graduate student is later appointed as a TA, he/she can complete the remaining certification requirements during the first semester of appointment to attain full Engineering Teaching Assistant Certification.

Advanced Engineering Teaching Assistant Certification

Certified Engineering Teaching Assistants can attain advanced-level certification by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Participate in two continuing-education workshops, one of which can be outside the Cockrell School
  • Successfully complete an additional in-class observation and follow-up coaching
  • Develop a teaching statement and teaching portfolio

Preparing Future Faculty Workshop Series (offered in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016)

All graduate students and post-docs, particularly those who aspire to have an academic career involving teaching and/or research, are welcome to participate in this workshop series.

Developing your Curriculum Vitae, Research Statement and Teaching Statement

Hands-on workshop for graduate students at various stages of developing the materials that are necessary to apply for a faculty or post-doc position.

Active Learning Strategies to Increase Student Engagement and Learning

Hands-on workshop for TAs who want to develop advanced practices to enhance teaching effectiveness in various educational settings, such as lecture, recitation, experimental or computer lab, office hours and test-preparation sessions.

Preparing to Apply and Interview for an Engineering Faculty Position

Hands-on workshop for graduate students and post-docs who are preparing to apply for a faculty position. Workshop will cover:

  • Where to look for open positions
  • Reading an open position announcement and what to look for
  • How departments conduct faculty searches
  • Considerations before applying for a position
  • Preparing application materials
  • Preparing for a campus visit/interview
  • What to do now if you are not graduating for a while

Developing a Research Proposal

Hands-on workshop for graduate students and post-docs who are planning to apply for research funding in the future. Workshop will cover:

  • Researching various funding sources and what they are interested in funding
  • Applying to funding sources that are the best fit your proposed work
  • Reading a call for proposals and what to look for
  • Working with departments and offices within your institution during the proposal submission process
  • Writing a proposal that maximizes your chances of success: Understanding the proposal review process; making a proposal easy to read and navigate for reviewers; and ensuring that you are addressing all points in the call for proposals
  • What to do if you are not successful — learning from experience and developing persistence

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