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Facebook and Privacy

Recently, Facebook updated their privacy policy to require users to opt out if they want their info to be private. So, by default, mostly everything you publish to Facebook is being shared with third-party websites.

That's a pretty profound change and it's sparked a lot of discussion by various tech watchers and pundits.

With more than 400 million active users, it should not be surprising, as Mathew Ingram put it, the relationship between Facebook and privacy is a complicated one. It's made even more complicated by Facebook's dense privacy policy statement (longer than the U.S. Constitution) and a maze of complicated settings to make things private. Mashable provides some good general tips when considering Facebook and privacy.

Given how much of our lives we casually share on Facebook and other social media sites, it's really important that we think carefully about what we say online and what information we share.  You never know who’s using that information.

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