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Mandatory Laptop Encryption

Recently, all UT faculty and staff received a notice regarding mandatory laptop encryption from Kevin Hegarty, the University's Chief Financial Officer.

To meet this requirement, you should be working with your departmental IT staff.  They should be trained and ready to assist on the appropriate timeline.

For the Engineering Dean's Office, many of your laptops are already encrypted.  The ITG will be contacting those who are not yet encrypted to schedule the next steps.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the resources in the email from the CFO or the School's Security Officer, Joe Howe

This is the text of the email sent to UT Faculty and Staff on 4/18:

Faculty and Staff:

For The University of Texas at Austin to comply with state and regental policy (cf. Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 202, and The University of Texas System Security Practice Bulletin 1), all laptop computers owned by the University must be encrypted by June 20, 2011. Encryption of University-owned laptop computers is also required under the institutional Information Resources Use and Security Policy. And encryption is mandatory for all personally-owned laptop computers on which any "Category 1" data are stored. ("Category 1" data include data protected by federal, state, and University rules and regulations, as well as other data that must be protected because of contractual agreements. A few examples of "Category 1" data are Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and grades, but the list is extensive. For more information go to to determine whether you have "Category 1" data on your personally-owned laptop computer.)

While encryption is now required as explained above, it is also a necessary step to protect data and intellectual assets that reside on technology devices. Each year, University-owned laptop computers are reported lost or stolen. The consequences of lost data include identity theft, placing in jeopardy federal grant status, loss of commercialization properties, erosion of alumni and donor trust, and risk to the reputation and image of the University. For your protection, encryption is a best practice for any laptop computer you use or own, regardless of whether it contains Category 1 data.

The encryption initiative has begun and we need your cooperation to help the university meet the June 20 deadline. Encryption is being managed by information technology staff at the department and unit level. If you would like assistance as you are taking steps to meet the new encryption requirements, you may contact either your local information technology support staff or contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk by telephone at 475-9400 or by e-mail at Questions for the Information Security Office can be directed to And the following Web sites can be consulted for information about the policies or approved methods for encryption.

University of Texas System Policy165

Security Practice Bulletin 1

Information Resources Use and Security Policy

Approved Laptop Encryption Methods

Thank you very much for your help and cooperation with this effort.

Kevin P. Hegarty
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Steven W. Leslie
Executive Vice President and Provost

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301 Dean Keeton

Austin, Texas 78712

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