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Phishing Attempt: Mailbox Exceeded It Storage Limit

If you receive the message below or something like it, please delete it.  It is a phishing attempt trying to get you to enter your UT EID and UT EID password.

Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 5:21 PM
Subject: Mailbox Exceeded It Storage Limit.
Validate and Update your mailbox this new Month of October 2011 to enable your mail account  upgrade to Unlimited.. To Re-Validate - > Click Here:
Note: Do not send your e-mail or password to any one via e-mail.
System Administrator.

If you do reach your mailbox size limit on the Austin Exchange server, you will receive a message, but it will NEVER ask you to click a link and login.

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Enabling Student Accounts

Students need to enable their EIDs to access Engineering labs and 4GB of data storage.

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Setting up VPN

Many of our services require the use of VPN. Instructions for setting up VPN are available on the ITG Wiki