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Keep Information Safe with Toopher Two - Factor Authentication

Toopher is a new tool used to keep your online information secure, and adds an extra layer of protection when using sensitive applications. Two-factor authentication with Toopher will protect your payroll information should your UT EID and password be compromised.

Toopher pairs your mobile device to your UT EID to use two-factor protected applications such as "My W-2" or "My Check Distribution/My Bank Info - Payroll" in UT Direct. To activate Toopher just go to "My W-2" or "My Check Distribution/My Bank Info - Payroll" in UT Direct and follow the instructions. You can download the Toopher application on your mobile device, or you can use SMS texting to pair your device. It is a good idea to pair your mobile device even if you are not changing anything on either "My W-2" or "My Check Distribution/My Bank Info - Payroll." 

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Enabling Student Accounts

Students need to enable their EIDs to access Engineering labs and 4GB of data storage.

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Setting up VPN

Many of our services require the use of VPN. Instructions for setting up VPN are available on the ITG Wiki