Data Storage

Research Data Storage

Research units are highly encouraged to store their data on the campus' Austin Disk service within the Cockrell School organizational hierarchy: \\\disk\engr\research


This consistent approach has a number of individual and organizational benefits:

  • Austin disk is category 1 compliant when the proper management policies are consistently applied
  • Accessible via multiple platforms, Windows, LINUX, Mac
  • Backups in compliance with all category 1 requirements, including off-site storage
  • And, self-service restoration of deleted files is also available via a right-click
  • Quotas may also be setup within the research group's folder structure to assist with disk consumption management.
  • The ITG can assist with financial, quota, or other management overhead, if desired

Folder Hierarchy

We would also like to recommend the following initial folder hierarchy to facilitate collaborative activities:

Projects by group – access limited to project group and administrators
Researchers (or Students)
Individual folders for each researcher – access limited to researcher and administrators
Folders will depend on what shared data the group may have, for example data acquisition data, presentations, or scripts, programs or tools. Access would be for the entire research group

It is also a good idea to designate one or two people as the administrators of the folder space. These persons would have full control of the storage space. This gives them permissions to create/modify/delete folders as well as setup permissions. All others in the group would have create/modify/delete in their designated folder(s). This helps prevent folder and file sprawl at the root and helps keep data organized by project, researcher or student.

Establishing the Service

We can assist in the setup and train the folder space administrators for the research group.

To establish this service on behalf of your research center please contact the Service Desk, 232-2486, we will get your account number, sponsor information and capacity of disk information that you desire.

The disk will cost $1.50/GB per year and you'll need to purchase at least 50 GB to start with ($75/year).

We will then help you configure the disk with the appropriate authorizations. Research units have full control of their folder structure, but can also leverage our assistance, if desired.

If you have special export controls on your data, please contact us to see how your information should best be accommodated.

ITG Service Desk


ECJ 1.226

301 Dean Keeton

Austin, Texas 78712

Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-noon; 1-5 p.m.

Setting up VPN

Many of our services require the use of VPN. Instructions for setting up VPN are available on the ITG Wiki

Recovering Files

In the event of accidental or unexpected data loss for files stored on Austin Disk Services, ITS provides details on recovering that data.