November 08, 2019

Nicholas Peppas Honored for Mentorship of Generations of Graduate Students

Nicholas Peppas, professor of biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, pediatrics, surgery and pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin and an expert in biomaterials and drug delivery systems, has been awarded the Sigma Xi Monie A. Ferst Award sponsored ... Read the story

November 04, 2019

Could a New 2D Material Allow Semiconductors to Keep Getting Smaller, Stronger, Better and Faster?

Not everything is bigger in Texas — some things are really, really small. A group of engineers at The University of Texas at Austin may have found a new material for manufacturing even smaller computer chips that could replace ... Read the story

October 29, 2019

Surviving Breast Cancer: Mia K. Markey’s Quest to Improve Patients’ Lives from Diagnosis to Reconstruction

An emphasis on the psychosocial elements of living with diseases such as breast cancer may seem uncommon in engineering. But Mia K. Markey, biomedical engineering professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering, is dedicated to designing decision-support systems for ... Read the story