UT electrical engineering student wins award for paper

     Chet Lenox, a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin recently won the Best Student Paper Award from the North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy. His paper was presented at the conference in October, held at Pennsylvania State University.

     Molecular Beam Epitaxy is a technique that deposits very thin layers of semiconductor material on a wafer with a high degree of accuracy. Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy allows the material to be deposited with accuracy of a single atomic layer. The process is used to manufacture very high-speed transistors and optoelectronic devices with very complex designs. Ultimately, the aim of Lenox's research is to improve the speed of fiber-optic transmission systems, resulting in faster Internet access and cheaper long-distance telephone service.

     His winning paper was titled “Growth of InAlGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes on InP by Molecular Beam Epitaxy”. Lenox's award will be presented next fall at a meeting in Banff, Canada. As a graduate student, Lenox works in the Microelectronics Research Center with electrical engineering professors Ben Streetman and Joe Campbell.