UT Austin to Host Texas Wireless Summit, 5G Technology Demonstration

The Wireless Network and Communications Group at The University of Texas at Austin, a cutting-edge wireless research group made up of engineering faculty members from various disciplines, will bring together researchers from the Cockrell School of Engineering, industry technologists and transportation leaders for its 14th annual Texas Wireless Summit on Oct. 18, 2016.

This year, the one-day summit will focus on the intersection of wireless technologies and connected and driverless cars. Panelists and attendees will discuss how connected and driverless cars will reshape wireless communications over the next 10 years. The summit will include various panels addressing connectivity, sensing and data analytics for vehicles, as well as a Startup Showcase led by the Austin Technology Incubator.

Additionally, the summit will host the first-ever public demonstration of AT&T and Ericsson’s 5G millimeter-wave communications technology, which is an essential component of AT&T’s plans for 5G mobile networks. The demo will showcase what the super-fast data capabilities of millimeter-wave signals will mean for the average smartphone user.

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