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Developing Diverse Engineering Leaders for Future Workforce

Workplace diversity improves business' need to serve a broad customer base and spurs innovation. Classroom diversity prepares students for both.

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Sustainable Energy: Barriers, Realities and Future Plans

Professors Baldick, Patzek and Edgar discuss the policy barriers, vivid realities and future strategies to close the gap between the need for diversified, sustainable energy and the steps toward that goal.

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Collaborative Space Essential to Meet Grand Challenges

The most fruitful conversations, innovative developments, and creative solutions often occur almost by accident. People are talking over lunch and suddenly, ideas fly. 

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Cancer Funds Bridge Gap in Research

New treatment approaches studied for liver, lymphoma cancers

The more than $3 million in grants two University of Texas at Austin biomedical engineers secured earlier this year will fund much-needed, novel cancer therapies that take aim at two of the deadliest cancers -- liver and lymphoma. The grants, awarded by the newly established Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas, help fill the gap in funding that exists in the pre-clinical research phase.

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Engineer Reduces Big Problems to Manageable Numbers

Mary Wheeler solves the unsolvable to model the invisible, and in the process, she provides solid answers to improve groundwater quality or find oil and gas.

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