Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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Do you want to get involved in research and build your resume but don't know where to start? Many faculty welcome motivated undergraduates of all classifications to contribute to this exciting work of creating knowledge.

Basic steps to get involved in undergraduate research:

  1. Be proactive and ask questions. Faculty rarely advertise undergraduate research positions.
  2. Check with your departmental adviser about the possibility of getting credit for research. Some of these course credits are referred to as Independent Study and may be used to count for a technical elective.
  3. Explore your interests and talk to graduate students about their research projects.
  4. Investigate current research in the Cockrell School of Engineering and at the university:
  5. Identify two or three research projects that interest you.
  6. Talk to other student researchers to find out what is expected of an undergraduate researcher.
  7. Be prepared to talk to faculty about your interests and how they relate to the work being done in the lab.
  8. Request a meeting with the faculty member in charge of the project. Send an e-mail and follow up by going to the faculty member's office during their office hours. Express your interest in his/her research project.
  9. During the meeting, ask questions about the project to show your interest and enthusiasm. Find out if they have paid or volunteer research opportunities for undergraduate students and provide a resume. The Engineering Career Assistance Center can help.
  10. Follow up with the faculty member with a brief thank you e-mail and be sure to restate your interest in working on his/her project and that you look forward to hearing from him/her.

Established Research Programs

 Student Organizations associated with undergraduate research

  • LAUNCH (Liberal Arts UNdergraduate CHapter for Research) provides opportunities for undergraduates interested in liberal arts research.
  • SURGe is a student group that works to foster a cohesive undergraduate research community at the university. It is network of individual students who meet to discuss and promote involvement in scientific research on campus.
  • Undergraduate Research Journal is a student-edited, multi-disciplinary journal of undergraduate researchthat is published each spring semester.

Funding Your Research

There are many opportunities for undergraduate researchers to receive funding, recognition and awards for research activities. For more information, visit the EUREKA website.