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Engineering Student Life issues the weekly newsletter called “Engineering Student News” each Monday of the long semesters. We publicize events and opportunities available to our Cockrell School students.
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Deadline for Submission
Submit content by Friday at 10:00am so it can be added to the Monday newsletter.

Submission Ideas

  • Upcoming Opportunities – let us help publicize your events!
    • Events and Activities: Invite engineering students to events and activities (should be open to most engineering students)
    • Competition: Get teams to register for a competition you are hosting
    • Conference: Ask students to attend a conference you are coordinating
  • Past Events - let us brag about you!
    • You organization won a national award or competition
    • A member is being recognized for something outstanding
    • You are super proud about something
  • Pictures or Videos - show us your fun activities
    • Send a picture or short video of your org doing something great: volunteering with kids, building something, having a great membership retreat, etc.
    • Submit pictures or videos here!


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