Shared Calendar Policy

The rules and regulations for the use, purpose, and availability of the Engineering Student Life Shared Calendar to promote upcoming student events.


Purpose of Shared Calendar

The new Student Life Calendar will enhance real time information about all of the dynamic events for students in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Each student organization will post "external events" (definition below) to promote opportunities for new people to interact with the organization.


  1. Student Organization Leaders gain visibility into big events in the Cockrell School to avoid conflicts and enhance student organization collaboration opportunities.
  2. Student Organizations benefit from greater participation at fundraisers, guest speakers, and externally focused events.
  3. Individual Students can choose to view events from many student orgs at the same time and add them directly to their personal Google calendar (included with thier @utexas account).
  4. Program Offices can publicize events in the platform that is easiest for students to add to their personal calendar.

Engineering Student News

Engineering Student Life sends a weekly newsletter to all Cockrell School students to announce upcoming events and opportunities. These announcements publicize activities from engineering student organizations, student program offices, scholarship opportunities, campus and community involvement, and much more. The Student Life Shared Calendar will be linked to Engineering Student News (weekly newsletter) and a few of the upcoming events will be highlighted each week. When your organization is visible on the Student Life Shared Calendar, the regularly scheduled newsletter called Engineering Student News will remind students to explore your upcoming events on a weekly basis.

Only Some Events are for the Shared Calendar

Student organizations have many kinds of activities. Some events are meant to be “members only” so are inappropriate for full public announcement on the Student Life Shared Calendar; these are called “Internal Events.” Some events are inviting more participation and visibility outside of the student organization; these are called “External Events” and should be included on the new Shared Calendar. When publishing a new event, the student org representative will decide, with one dropdown item, if they notify the world or just their members.

Definition of External vs. Internal Events Calendars

  1. External Events Calendar - target students outside of your organization (i.e. all students in your department, all Cockrell School or wider reaching)
    • Fundraisers (burger burns, bake sales, cheap lunch, t-shirts, etc.)
      • Gather anyone who wants to give you money!
    • Guest Speaker Events
      • Promote to students in other majors or organizations (e.g. Tech talks, Lunch and Learns, etc.)
    • Competitions
      • Encourage additional people/teams to enter!
    • Recruitment Activities
      • Information sessions while seeking new members
      • NOT all pledging events
    • Biggest Organization Events (5 or less each semester)
      • Seek Collaboration (looking for another org to partner with on an event or promote the event to students in another org or major)
      • Calling Dibs on a Date (notify other orgs of an important event so they hopefully don't plan a conflicting activity)
      • End of Semester/Year Banquet
      • Hosting REgional/National Conference (not just traveling to a conference)
  2. Internal Events Calendar - events specific to your organization
    • Committee Meetings (Exec Board, t-shirt committee, etc.)
    • Socials
    • Recurring General Meetings
    • Retreats
    • New Member Activites
    • Internal Dinners

Request to be added to the shared calendar:

  • Complete this short survey
  • After approval, detailed instructions will be emailed so you can setup your org's Google Calendar to be fed into the overall Shared Calendar.