Student groups within the Cockrell School must observe and follow university and school accounting policies and procedures. Find resources and learn more about making deposits, purchasing, reimbursements and other accounting procedures.

Purchasing & Reimbursement Guidelines

Student Organization's will have their organization related purchases run through Engineering Student Life. Resources for procard usage, forms, and reimbursement are given by ESL.

**PLEASE NOTE**  All items purchased that require to be shipped MUST be shipped to a UT address - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any reimbursement request for items shipped to a personal address (including on campus dorms) will not be reimbursed. 

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Student organizations sponsored by the Cockrell School of Engineering will have all their monies managed through Engineering Student Life . Registered student organizations' dues and fundraiser money must be deposited in an off campus bank.

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Organization Monies


All monies raised (dues, fundraisers, etc.) by registered student organizations should be deposited into off campus accounts. However, all gift monies must be deposited into a UT Austin account, which is handled through ESL. For gift monies, registered student organizations must follow university business policies and rules.


All sponsored student organizations monies (dues, fundraising, gifts, etc.) must be deposited and managed through a University of Texas at Austin account. For Cockrell School sponsored student organizations this is handled through ESL.

All student organizations are responsible for their financial records of all income and expenditures.

Contact Engineering Student Life

Phone: 512-232-5778
EER 2.848

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Engineering Student Life
2501 Speedway, EER 2.848
Austin, TX 78712