Student organizations sponsored by the Cockrell School of Engineering will have all their monies managed through Engineering Student Life . Registered student organizations' dues and fundraiser money must be deposited in an off campus bank.

About the 19 Account:

  • Checks to be deposited to the 19 Account must be payable to The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Overdrafts are not allowed on the 19 Account. Student organizations must at all times have enough funds in the 19 Account to cover expenditures.
  • The 19 Account has no check writing capability.
  • Anything that requires payment in advance must be invoiced.
  • Account does not have check writing abilities.
  • Items may be purchased for resale using 19 Account funds.
  • Items for resale may be purchased using the 19 Account, tax exempt, but sales tax must be collected. The 19 Account is tax exempt.
  • The Cockrell School student organizations' established policies and processes for reimbursements must be followed (receipts received within seven working days of date of receipt, Official Occasion Expense Form, Reimbursement Form, etc.).
  • Gift cards may be purchased for contests and raffles using 19 Account funds. Cards can not exceed $50. Recipients' names and UT EID (or Social Security number if non-UT) must be provided to ESL.

Engineering Student Organization Gift Account

An account is available for all Cockrell School student organizations (sponsored and registered) as long as they have "gift money" to put into the account. This account is managed and processed by Engineering Student Life and the CSE Accounting Office.

  • Gift Money – All checks coming in from a company or individual designated as a donation, gift or "in support" of a program, meeting or event made payable to The University of Texas at Austin for an engineering student organization.
  • Deposits – A copy of the sent thank you letter must accompany the check before it will be deposited. View a sample thank you letter.
  • Account can be used for office supplies, reimbursements, online orders, conference registrations, hotel rooms, airline tickets, or on campus IDTs (internal departmental transfer).
  • Account does not have check writing abilities.
  • Account IS tax exempt.

Please note: All gift money MUST be deposited into the CSE account to be processed by ESL in order for the donor to receive tax credit. If you want to know about your CSE student organization account, please make an appointment with ESL to discuss any of the following:

  • Balance – What has been donated, how much has been spent and to whom.
  • Tax Exempt Forms – As a registered student organization, your organization is tax exempt. See ESL prior to your event to obtain a tax exempt form. If necessary, ESL can send the tax exempt form to the vendor. Please note that there are certain items that will not be approved for purchase.