Purchasing & Reimbursement Guidelines

Student Organization's will have their organization related purchases run through Engineering Student Life. Resources for procard usage, forms, and reimbursement are given by ESL.

**PLEASE NOTE**  All items purchased that require to be shipped MUST be shipped to a UT address - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any reimbursement request for items shipped to a personal address (including on campus dorms) will not be reimbursed. 

Procurement Card (ProCard)

The ProCard is a University of Texas at Austin credit card. It is to be used to purchase office supplies, printing, duplicating, conference registration fees and t-shirts for student organizations and offices. Learn more

Student organization presidents must designate to Engineering Student Life (ESL) three to five organization members who are authorized to check out Procards / make purchases on behalf of their organization.

Presidents may change their designated authorized representatives as needed by completing the Procard Authorizations form on the ESL website.

Student organizations may check out the ProCard under the following circumstances:

Procard Regulations:

  • When a Procard is checked out, it MAY NOT be given to someone else to make a purchase. The person checking out the card must make the purchases and return it to ESL with receipt(s).
  • Persons checking out the Procard may only go to the approved vendors designated at time of check-out. If needed to go to additional vendors after check-out, contact ESL.
  • Purchases made at non-approved vendors will be the financial responsibility of the person checking out the card.
  • Procard purchases must be made in a staffed check-out line. DO NOT use self check-out!
  • All purchases made with the Procard must be TAX EXEMPT!
  • Procard and ALL receipts must be returned by 10:00 AM the following business day.

Procards are authorized for:

  • Conference Registrations
  • Grocery stores
  • T-shirts/promotional items
  • Wal-Mart
  • Fry's Electronics
  • Home Depot /  Lowe's
  • Hobby Lobby / Michaels

Procards are NOT authorized for:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Rental cars/ boats
  • Airline tickets
  • eBay
  • Alcohol
  • Gases / hazardous chemicals

List of Disallowed Purchases and Vendors


Acceptable documentation must be provided to ESL before allowable expenses incurred can be reimbursed and ESL can pay allowable charges. The University Accounting Office has notified all departments that the credit card receipt alone is not sufficient for reimbursement. An itemized receipt is also required.

Invoice: Verification of an item/service to be or already purchased. An invoice indicates that payment is due to a vendor for an item or a service. The invoice must contain:

  • The name and address of the vendor
  • The date of delivery
  • The item/service provided
  • The total cost including shipping, handling or delivery charges
  • If sales tax is included, it will not be paid

Personal Funds & Reimbursements

Reimbursements will be processed for personal money spent on items for an organization's programs or events. Reimbursements usually take three to four weeks if everything is processed without any problems. You will not be reimbursed unless all UT Austin accounting requirements are met. Please ask ESL for assistance/guidance prior to purchasing, ordering food, or even traveling. Learn more

For reimbursement, you must:

  • Present to ESL the original receipt along with proof of payment within seven working days of the date of receipt.
  • Receipts must be itemized and show proof of payment (shows paid with credit, debit card, etc).
  • Present acceptable proof of payment, such as a copy of credit card or bank statement showing the charge, or a copy of the front and back of a canceled check. If paid with cash, the requestor must provide a signed memo stating cash was paid.
  • Fill out an "Official Occasion Expense Form" and turn it in with receipts. The form is available outside ESL and online.
  • Fill out a "Reimbursement Form" and turn it in with receipts. The form is available outside ESL and online.

When turning in forms and receipts, please:

  • Do not use colored paper for any form. This is unacceptable to the University Accounting Office.
  • Do not highlight the amount on your receipt.
  • Do not tape over the text. Just tape the receipt (top and bottom) to a blank sheet of white paper.
  • Do not staple or tape receipts to an attachment.

Online Purchases

Online purchases must be done in ESL by appointment. Student organizations may use the ProCard for purchases on some Web sites.

Office Supplies

All office supplies must be ordered through Engineering Student Life. Learn more

To place your order:

  • Choose the items you would like to order, making note of the item number from the Office Max/Office Depot website.
  • Stop by ESL during business hours to request your order, which will be placed by ESL staff and a will be given a receipt for your organization.
  • The order will be delivered to ESL, generally the following business day and must be picked up within two working days.

Please note: Some items are restricted. If you have any questions, check with ESL. If you want to order any office equipment, such as a printer, camera or other items, please check with ESL first.


Food orders can be charged to engineering in most cases. Please confirm when placing an order that the vendor will invoice UT and wait to be paid (in approximately two weeks). Processing takes time – please plan and make arrangements in advance. If you have any questions, check with ESL. When ordering food, the "Online OOEF" must be completed. Download a partial list of food vendors.  Please note that food may be ordered from any vendor, but the list of food vendors will invoice us.

Promotional Items and T-shirts

CSE student organizations often want to print on clothing, letterhead, business cards and other promotion items.

Before ordering, student organizations must:

  • All designs must be approved by the ESL prior to ordering.
  • All apparel and print and promotional items ordered by CSE student organizations require prior approval of ESL.

Sponsored student organizations may use the officially licensed trademarks of the university with prior approval from the university and the Cockrell School. Details for obtaining design approval can be found in our Policies section.