Every Cockrell School student organization is associated with an adviser who volunteers to help guide the organization. It is an organization's responsibility to inform its advisers of the activities of the organization:

  • Notify the adviser of all meetings and events.
  • Consult the adviser in the planning of all activities.
  • Consult the adviser before making any changes in the structure or policies of the organization, and before undertaking major projects.
  • Understand the adviser has no vote, but should have speaking privileges.
  • Remember the responsibility for the success or failure of the organization project rests ultimately with the group, not the adviser.
  • Talk over any problems or concerns with the adviser.
  • Acknowledge that the adviser's time and energy are donated, and express appreciation.
  • Be clear and open about the organization's expectations for the adviser's role.
  • At the end of each semester, evaluate the adviser and give appropriate feedback.

Current Advisers

More than 80 student organizations in the Cockrell School benefit from the support of an adviser. To learn how to become a more effective adviser, and what to expect from the organization you represent, visit the Cockrell School's intranet for adviser resources.

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