Student organization representatives often travel for conferences, workshops, competitions, service projects and more. 

This policy applies to the travel of enrolled student members of registered and sponsored student organizations when the organization requires its student members to attend an activity or event and that activity or event occurs more than 25 miles from the university campus (or overnight). Failure to follow all policies and procedures could result in disciplinary penalties and travel plans being canceled.

Students who wish to travel on behalf of their student organization MUST be in good academic standing. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Appropriate professional behavior is expected at all times.

Section 1: Travel Policy Preparation

  1. Travel Policy preparation needs to start at least two weeks prior to departing in order to secure approval.
  2. Students must submit a list of all students who want to attend and should request all pertinent information that is required to fill out all necessary forms. (Name/EID/DOB)
  3. When student organization members travel via air, all individuals are required to use the university’s travel reservation system, Concur; please contact Engineering Student Life for assistance.
  4. All International travel, for both sponsored and registered engineering student organizations’ representatives, must have approval from the International Engineering Education Office, ESS Building before they may submit a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) to Engineering Student Life (ESL).
  5. All Cockrell School of Engineering student organizations wishing to design and implement an engineering project outside of the university must submit their project to the Projects in Underserved Communities course. Student organizations should contact the International Engineering Education Office, ESS Building, regarding this procedure three (3) months in advance.
  6. Hard copies of all travel forms ( must be submitted for every trip that is taken.

Section 2: Required Paperwork

  1. Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) – If members of a registered organization require a reimbursement, then a RTA must be created for each member who requires said reimbursement. Otherwise a blanket Authorization of Individual Services (AIS) Form will be needed for travel. Please contact Susan Higginbotham, Student Life Assistant Director, for required information.
  2. Travel Request and Checklist Form – This form is the cover sheet for the travel event. ( Individual in charge of travel should complete this form.
  3. Release and Indemnification Agreement – This form is required of each student member who will be traveling with the organization. All forms must be signed, witnessed, and have the correct dates.
  4. Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment – This form contains the information for emergency contacts in case of an accident.
  5. Driving Vehicles for Travel – According to university rules, all students who will be operating vehicles while traveling must have a valid driver’s license and liability insurance. Copies of these must be provided to ESL prior to traveling. Students may elect to drive their own vehicles or rent vehicles.
  6. Special Events Insurance Form – See Section 3 below.

Section 3: Special Events Health Insurance

  1. Special Events Health Insurance is REQUIRED for uninsured students who travel to university-organized or sponsored events, or when travel is required for registered student organizations. This short-term accident and sickness insurance is offered by the Student Insurance Division.
  2. The following information is needed for the Insurance Form:
    1. First and Last Name
    2. UT EID
    3. DOB
    4. Gender
  3. In the event that you choose not to purchase this insurance, then each traveler is required to submit a copy of their insurance forms front and back; fot those not having insurance, the organization will be required to purchase it for them inevitably.

Section 4: Travel Reimbursement

  1. It is mandatory to strictly follow all the required procedures in order to be reimbursed for any travel expenses.
  2. All original, itemized receipts must be submitted at the completion of the trip in order to be reimbursed.
  3. Travel must be completed BEFORE any personal reimbursements will be processed. Reimbursements will be made from the existing funds in the organization’s CSE account.
  4. If seeking reimbursement for airline tickets, each individual must be reimbursed for his/her own ticket. One individual may not be reimbursed for multiple airline tickets.
  5. If seeking reimbursement for hotel rooms, an individual may only be reimbursed for one (1) hotel room, however, one (1) hotel room may be divided between multiple individuals.

Contact Engineering Student Life

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