General Engineering Program

The General Engineering (GE) Program offers 1-2 credit hour supplemental instruction courses in calculus, physics, chemistry and engineering mechanics during the fall and spring semesters. These courses are designed to help students develop essential academic skills and improve their performance in the required corresponding lecture course, typically by one half to one full letter grade. Students develop better problem-solving skills through cooperative learning techniques. Instructors use teaching strategies aimed at strengthening student academic performance. The goal of GE courses is to help students build a strong foundation in the calculus, physics, chemistry and engineering mechanics courses required for their engineering major.

Key Elements

GE courses meet for two hours, two times per week. There is no homework assigned or tests given. All work is done in class. Students are expected to actively participate in small groups working supplemental problems applicable to the lecture material that will enhance student understanding. Students do not work on homework problems in class and GE does not fulfill engineering degree requirements.


A letter grade is assigned based on attendance and participation.

Sample Syllabus


All GE sections are led by Graduate Teaching Assistants working on advanced degrees in Engineering and who have exhibited a passion for teaching, possess excellent communication skills, and have a commitment to undergraduate students' success.

Class Structure

The majority of GE class time is spent solving sample problems applicable to the corresponding lecture material. Students work in small groups on challenging problems designed to increase their level of understanding . Each GE course is designed to augment the related lecture course and does not replace lecture, recitation, discussion, or help sessions provided by the department.

Comments from Past GE Students

  • My friends that aren’t in GE wish they were. I would not be doing nearly as well in M408C if not for this GE.
  • I would recommend GE to anyone apprehensive about PHY 303K. I can honestly say I would not have been as successful in Mechanics or in understanding the material if it wasn’t for this GE.
  • Instructor was excellent. Always made himself available for questions and strived to make sure the class had thorough knowledge of all material. Highly recommended!
  • I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have passed chemistry without this GE class.
  • GE has been extremely helpful. I am glad to have taken it.

GE Program Coordinator: Rebecca Silverblatt

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