Students in the Cockrell School are allowed to minor in any field for which the university offers a minor option. A minor is not required as part of any engineering degree program. Students should apply for their minor before submitting their graduation application.

NEW! The Texas Materials Institute, in the Cockrell School of Engineering and the College of Natural Sciences, has launched a new undergraduate minor in Materials Science and Engineering for students majoring in chemistry, physics, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering. Learn more about how to apply »

Minors for students pursuing the 2016-18 catalog

A minor is optional in the Cockrell School of Engineering; therefore, a minor is not required to complete a bachelor's degree in Engineering. However, if you choose to complete a minor you must complete it according to the requirements, policies, and procedures established by The University and in consultation with your Engineering departmental advisor.

Students enrolled in the Cockrell School may pursue minors offered outside of Engineering. The University is currently developing procedures for students who wish to declare a minor, and that information will be posted here once it is released. 

In order for a minor to be recognized on your transcript you must be in the 2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog. If you entered UT Austin prior to 2016, please ask your engineering advisor how switching catalogs will impact your degree requirements.

Planned carefully, pursuing a minor will not extend the time to degree for students in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Each minor requirement varies 15-21 hours. Upper-division hour requirements also vary by minor. Some minors require an application.

Minors for students pursuing the 2010-12, 2012-14 and 2014-16 catalogs

Students in the Cockrell School are allowed to minor in any field in which the university offers a major, outside of the School of Engineering. A minor is not required as part of any engineering degree program.

Students may complete only one minor. A minor consists of at least 12 semester hours in a single field, including at least six hours of upper-division coursework. Six of these hours must be completed in residence. A course to be counted toward the minor may not be taken pass/fail, unless the course is offered only on that basis. Only one course counted toward the standard requirements of the student's major degree may also be counted toward the minor.

For a minor in a foreign language, other than courses used to fulfill the basic education foreign language requirement, the 12 hours may be lower-division, but must include at least six hours completed in residence and at least six hours beyond course 507 or the equivalent.

All minors must be approved by a student's major department faculty adviser and the Office of the Dean. Prerequisites and other enrollment restrictions may prevent students from pursuing a minor in some fields. Before planning to use specific courses to make up the minor, students should consult the department that offers those courses.

Students should complete and submit the Minor Approval Form before submitting the graduation application by the semester they expect to graduate. Once a form is submitted, it will be approved by the student's department, then reviewed by Engineering Student Services (ESS) for final approval by the Dean.


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