Repetition of a Course

An undergraduate in the Cockrell School may not enroll in any lower division course in engineering, geology or natural sciences required by the engineering degree plan more than twice. A symbol of Q or W counts as an enrollment unless it is recognized as nonacademic by the dean’s office.

To request permission to enroll in a course for a third or more attempt a student must submit a written appeal.  A student may receive departmental adviser approval to enroll in a course a third or more times only if the student has a substantiated nonacademic reason for not successfully completing the course in earlier attempts.  Documentation may be required by the departmental adviser to support the substantiated nonacademic reason.  If the student is denied approval to enroll in a required course, he or she will be placed in the undeclared major code and must consider other degree options. 

A student who is denied approval to repeat a course in residence at the University will also be denied approval to complete the course by transfer, extension, correspondence, distance education, or credit by examination and then count it toward the degree.

A student in the Cockrell School may not repeat for a letter grade a course in which he or she has earned a grade of C- or better.

If a student repeats a course and has two or more grades, all grades and all semester hours are used to calculate the University grade point average and to determine the student’s scholastic eligibility to remain in school. The official grade in a course is the last one assigned.

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