Why the Cockrell School?

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You already know The University of Texas at Austin has a stellar reputation for academics, research and student life. Now, here are five things to know about why you should join Texas Engineering.

You’ll learn by doing. Indicator

hands-on learning

Textbooks and lectures are a given, but at the Cockrell School, we kick things up a notch. You’ll utilize both your creative and analytical sides — and you’ll do it by working on innovative, hands-on projects.

Whether you join a research lab (yes, our undergrads get to do research), build a catapult to understand mechanics or construct a car with the solar vehicles team, you’ll learn both inside and outside the classroom. You’ll get the fundamentals of engineering while gaining the essential problem-solving skills required to find real-world solutions.

You’ll work with — and be among — the best. Indicator

learn from best

Not only are Cockrell School faculty members award winners and experts in their fields, they’re also the inventors of everyday things like the lithium-ion battery, the Ethernet and the first 3-D printing process. Our engineers don't just teach you what to learn, they show you how to change the world.

As a result, we produce graduates who become preeminent researchers, successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Cockrell School students get an affordable, top-ranked engineering education (seriously, check out our rankings) that opens doors to national and international opportunities, during college and long after. We attract the best and brightest, and you’re one of them.

You’ll join a strong community. Indicator


UT Austin may be a huge place, but don’t let the size of the campus fool you. Here, you’ll find niche and broad communities that are tight-knit and diverse (and waiting for someone like you). As soon as you arrive on the Forty Acres, you’ll have hundreds of vibrant student organizations to choose from — including 80 that are specific to engineering.

With programs such as our First-Year Interest Groups and the Engineering Career Assistance Center, we offer you a built-in support system of peers and advisers to elevate your college experience.

You’ll make an impact, both at home and abroad. Indicator


From studying abroad in fields like nanotechnology and nuclear engineering to establishing Projects for Underserved Communities, Longhorn engineers have a reach and a perspective that extends locally, nationally and globally.

The groundbreaking engineering solutions you’ll develop — in the lab, in peer groups and individually — will lead to transformative technologies and approaches that will advance society. After all, what starts here changes the world.

You’ll live in one of the nation’s coolest cities. Indicator


Austin, Texas, the state’s lively capital city, has more than just SXSW and BBQ. Consistently ranked in the top of best-city lists, Austin is now home to an ever-increasing number of thriving startup companies and continues to be one of the fastest-growing, most innovative cities in the country. And with the Cockrell School and UT Austin sitting in the heart of it all, we fuel the city’s fun, creative and dynamic vibe.

Austin boasts a sunny, temperate climate year-round and is chock-full of history, culture, live music and outdoor recreation. View an infographic about why everyone’s moving here (and why you should, too).

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