In the Cockrell School of Engineering, women currently account 28 percent of the undergraduate student population (with 20 percent of undergraduate women coming from underrepresented ethnic groups) and 24 percent of the graduate student population.


In U.S. for B.S. engineering degrees awarded to women


Of currently enrolled graduate students are women


Of 2018 first-year students are women

For detailed information on Fall 2018 enrollment, historical trends by department and graduation rates, view our Recruiting Diverse Engineering Students Presentation.

Current and historical statistics on women enrollment in Texas Engineering:

Undergraduate Women Enrollment by Major, Fall 2015-Fall 2018

First-Year Undergraduate Women Enrollment, 1990-2018

Overall Undergraduate Women Enrollment, 1990-2018

Undergraduate URM Women Enrollment, Fall 2018

Undergraduate B.S. Degrees Awarded to Women, 1991-2018

National Comparison of Undergraduate Graduation Rates of Women

Graduate Women Enrollment by Program, Fall 2018

Overall Graduate Women Enrollment, 1990-2018