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Being a TA for the Spatial Visualization Course

April 8, 2013

by Krista Seaman, Sophomore Architectural Engineering student

Picture of Krista smilingMany people believe you are either born to see objects in three dimensions, or you are not.  However, the ability to imagine a 2D object in 3D does not solely depend on intuition; it can be taught. 

Luckily, I have never had trouble with this task; it just came to me.  When I was asked to teach the Spatial Visualization course, I had trouble imagining how I would teach something that came so naturally to me.  With the help of the workbook lesson outlines and exercises, I was able to identify and explain my mental process to a group of freshmen students. Throughout the semester, I came across examples that I was even unsure of the answer.


I enjoyed the challenge of working backwards from the solution to better understand the material myself in order to share with my students.  It was hard for me to determine the students’ progress as we worked through the lessons, but upon completion of the semester, a majority of their Spatial Visualization test scores increased from below average to above average.  It was rewarding knowing that I had successfully taught such an important skill!

In addition to the gratification of helping others, I enjoyed the teaching experience.  My job title was a Teaching Assistant (TA), but I taught the class on my own.  We were given the workbook and had to plan lessons based on that material.  It was fun being on the other side for once!  Overall, I think the Spatial Visualization course is a great addition to the engineering curriculum, and I recommend it to both students and TAs.

Krista is a Junior Architectural Engineering student.  She was a Spatial Visualization TA for Fall 2012.