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Living in the WEP Kinsolving Residential Community

January 28, 2012

By Mona Lofti (Sophomore Civil Engineering student) and Rebecca Hecker (Sophomore Petroleum Engineering student)

Picture of Mona Lofti smilingKinsolving Residence Hall has been our home for the last two years and so far WE HAVE LOVED IT!  It is a great option for first-year engineering women because it is a five minute walk from the Engineering Complex (where most of the engineering classes are located). Our best friends at UT are people we met doing homework in Kinsolving during freshman year.

Kinsolving is nice because you get to know your neighbors very well. Most of them are science and engineering students, which means you already have a lot in common with each other.

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My Study Abroad Experience: Sheffield, England

January 21, 2013

By Kaitlynn Hall, Senior Mechanical Engineering student

Picture of Kaitlynn Hall standing in front of a mountain while hiking in EnglandStudying abroad was one of the absolute highlights of my college career.  I gained a lot of self-confidence during my semester abroad, and I got to see first-hand how applicable the skills I learned in my engineering classes were.

I first contacted the International Engineering Office at UT and met with an advisor to select the classes I'd take during my study abroad experience. Through conversations with her, I chose to study at the University of Sheffield in England.

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