An OPPORTUNITY to support equality for the next 50 Years

The first Equal Opportunity in Engineering (EOE) committee assembled on The University of Texas at Austin campus in 1970. Although EOE has grown significantly over the past five decades, its mission to amplify student potential and provide support for student success has not changed. Now, EOE is celebrating 50 years of excellence and “opportUNITY” at UT, all while preparing for a bright future ahead.

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To provide equal and equitable opportunities for all engineering students

EOE fosters diversity and inclusivity, integrating Cockrell School students into a vibrant and welcoming community. By connecting students, educators and industry professionals through recruitment initiatives, support structures and educational services, EOE promotes academic success and personal growth for all students.

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The EOE community has become a second family to me. The EOE community has become a second family to me. Not only has EOE been a community where I feel welcome, but it has also given me the tools I needed to succeed academically and professionally, improve my leadership skills and impact the community in a positive way.

- Sebastian Garcia, aerospace engineering, Class of 2020

50th Anniversary Celebration Events

Events will begin in Fall 2021 — check back periodically for an updated events listing

A History of COMMUNITY

Founded under the leadership of Phil Schmidt, the committee had a unified mission: to provide equal and equitable opportunities for all engineering students, especially underrepresented ethnic minorities and students with marginalized identities.


EOE committee established by Phil Schmidt


Minority Introduction to Engineering (MITE) Summer Camp created


Tom Backus officially launches EOE office


EOE pilots the Preview Program, later adopted by UT because of its success


EOE 1-on-1 tutoring program starts


Fall Kick Off, Awards Banquet, and TREX and EXCELL research programs created


Industry Super Bowl starts


EOE First-year Interest Groups begin


Career Development and Leadership Seminar begin


EOE and National Society of Black Engineers UT Chapter  selected for  inaugural ExxonMobil-NSBE Impact Award


EOE recognized by Excelencia in Education as a Finalist for Examples of Excelencia


Global Leaders Week starts


URM (Underrepresented Minority) Action Team convened to deliver recommendations for improving climate in the Cockrell School; Diversity and Inclusion Task Force established to implement URM Action Team recommendations


EOE and WEP bring Bias Busting Training to the Cockrell School


Cultural Awareness Committee formed to plan events to celebrate the different cultures in the Cockrell School


EOE celebrates 50th anniversary

Our Stories

Meet members of our community and learn about our history

October 12, 2020
The Power of Community — How EOE Became a Lifeline to One Alumna’s Success
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September 22, 2020
Alumnus Reflects on Experiences in Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program
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The Cockrell School of Engineering offers many opportunities to partner with and support the Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program (EOE) to recruit and support talented pre-college or current underrepresented engineerings students. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, please contact Enrique Dominguez or Kyle Bryson.

Special thanks to our current partner, Schlumberger

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