At the Cockrell School of Engineering, we believe diversity in the workplace and the learning space enriches the environment for all. Workplace diversity improves business' need to serve a broad customer base and spurs innovation. Classroom diversity fosters respect for new ways of thinking and learning and prepares students for the global community where they will live and work.

We strive at the Cockrell School to create an atmosphere that promotes respect and inclusion to allow students, faculty and staff from all walks of life and ways of thinking to flourish. To support this effort for students, we have two active, successful programs: the Women in Engineering Program and the Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program. Both seek to enhance the diversity within the Cockrell School by supporting and encouraging diversity of gender, culture, ideas, points of view and skills. The university also supports diversity through the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

Diversity encourages the creative and innovative thinking engineers and others need to achieve their best work. We urge all to take part in making the Cockrell School a more fair, equitable, diverse and inclusive place.