Clay W.G. Fulcher

Clay Fulcher

B.S.M.E. 1955, M.S.M.E. 1959
Consultant, The Boeing Company

After an active student life at UT Austin, Clay Fulcher continued making key contributions in two fields, space exploration through his high level positions in the aerospace industry and technically superior military advancements, through his career positions in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

While at the University, Dr. Fulcher led a lively student career as a member of the Silver Spurs, and one of the original “gophers,” a group of students who dug out the basement of old Taylor Hall at night for the Taylor T-Room.

Upon earning his mechanical engineering degree in 1955, Dr. Fulcher received a commission to the U.S. Navy as ensign. Following his release from active duty and several Navy Reserve assignments, including commanding officer of the Office of Naval Research, he was promoted to rear admiral in the Navy Reserve, and served as deputy commander, naval air systems command.

After earning his M.S.M.E. in 1959, Dr. Fulcher went to work at General Electric Co., where he was eventually promoted to vice president and program manager. After a brief stint with Schlumberger as manager for product engineering and engineering services in 1984, he returned to the aerospace industry’s McDonnell Douglas Aerospace/Boeing as director of vehicle analysis and flight crew operations.

Dr. Fulcher is credited for much of the successful operation and safety of the astronaut space suits used since the 1960s. His cooling principles, helmets, suits and portable life support systems first employed by astronauts who walked the moon continue to be used by shuttle and international space station astronauts today.

Dr. Fulcher currently represents Boeing at NASA’s Johnson Space Flight Center, where he conducts space shuttle tile inspection and repair support, and Hubble space telescope astronaut training. He was named a NASA Space Flight Awareness Honoree, the highest honor bestowed by NASA, for his work on the Hubble Space Telescope.

In addition to his outstanding professional career, Dr. Fulcher remains active in church, technical, civic, military and charitable organizations. He and his wife, Ann Arledge Fulcher, have four sons, all UT Austin graduates.

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