Kip McClanahan

Kip McClanahan

B.S.E.C.E. 1992
Partner, GrowLabs, LLC

Kip McClanahan graduated with a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering in 1992. From jobs before, during and after earning his degree, Kip has gained nearly 20 years of experience in management in the networking, security, communications and software industries. He has served as a chief executive officer and a board member to public and private companies, while leading strategy operations, product marketing and other efforts. Most recently Kip has started GrowLabs, LLC to identify investment and operating opportunities in both early- and late-stage technology businesses.

The past three Austin companies Kip led underwent a successful initial public offering or merger and acquisition transaction, returning nearly $800 million in realized gains to shareholders. Prior to GrowLabs, Kip ran 3Com's Security Division after 3Com's acquisition of TippingPoint Technologies, a provider of network-based security systems for companies, government agencies, service providers, and academic institutions. That acquisition occurred in early 2005, at a cost of approximately $430 million.

Prior to joining TippingPoint Technologies as chief executive officer, Kip was at Motive, Inc., where he served as president. The company designs Internet-era software to help managers optimize their ability to make product lines and services self-sustainable, to reduce overhead, and to perform other leadership functions. As president, Kip oversaw a broad range of business operations, including product strategy after Motive acquired BroadJump, Inc.

Kip previously had served as the founder, president and chief executive officer of BroadJump, a privately held broadband software company based in Austin. He put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test by starting the company after leaving the management team of Netspeed. Kip made that transition when Netspeed, a DSL broadband equipment company, was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998.

His career also includes engineering and managerial roles at Motorola Inc., Thomas-Conrad Corp., BMC Software Inc., and Dell Computer Corp.

Kip supports Longhorn Athletics, and has been a member of the Engineering Foundation Advisory Council since 2002. He is married to Jill, a fellow Longhorn graduate. They have two children: Quinn, 6 and Cian, almost 2.

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