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Bob Mansfield’s Journey to the Tech Mountaintop

Bob Mansfield, who graduated from UT Austin in 1982 with a degree in electrical engineering, has spent three decades working for some of the world’s most innovative electronics companies. After holding key positions with IBM, Silicon Graphics Inc. and Raycer Graphics, Mansfield joined Apple, where he rose to become the company’s chief technologist, helping to develop the iPod, iPhone and many other products we’ve come to depend on every day.

On a recent visit back to campus, Mansfield sat down with the Cockrell School to reflect on his journey and offer advice to Texas engineering students.

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Award-Winning Young Alumna Brings Her Passion for Engineering to the Community

Cockrell School of Engineering alumna Natalie Weiershausen loves being a civil engineer — so much so that she spends much of her free time sharing her engineering knowledge and interest with others. And so far this year, she has already been honored with three awards from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for her efforts both in the community and in the field. She was recognized as ASCE’s Houston Branch Young Engineer of the Year, ASCE’s Central Region Outstanding Young Civil Engineer in the Private Sector and as one of ASCE’s national New Faces of Civil Engineering.

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Alumna's Success Combines Aerospace Degree with Business

Even Laura O'Donnell, B.S. ASE '90, didn't expect her aerospace engineering degree to lead her to becoming a top executive for the fastest growing personal HD camera company in the world. As executive vice president of consumer products at Contour Inc., O'Donnell has discovered the versatility of her degree and the value of her engineering education have eased her path to the top in ways that now feel as natural as choosing to go to The University of Texas at Austin in the first place.

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John McKetta's 95th Birthday Bash!

If you have ever crossed paths with Dr. John J. McKetta Jr. or were fortunate enough to work, learn or befriend him, you know of his contagious smile and love for his University of Texas at Austin family. Most weekday mornings, Dr. McKetta can be found making Happy Birthday phone calls to "his boys and gals," so it was time we celebrated him!

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Chevron Signs $3 Million Research Agreement

Exciting research will continue as a result of a new Phase 2, $3 million, 3-year agreement signed on April 16 continuing the Chevron-UT Alliance that partners university researchers with technology leaders.

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200 Longhorn Engineers Gather at NASA

NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) may be a sprawling institution, but in every corner you will find Longhorn engineers leading cutting-edge research. On March 31, more than 200 alumni and their guests gathered for the JSC-UT Longhorn Engineering Rendezvous to reconnect and learn what is happening at the Cockrell School of Engineering. The evening reception was hosted by Dean Greg Fenves, Aerospace Engineering Chair Philip Varghese, and Mechanical Engineering Chair Joseph Beaman, who spent the earlier part of the day on a behind-the-scenes tour of JSC.

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Venture Capitalist Ron Nixon, B.S.M.E., '78, offers entrepreneurial advice

Seeding and nourishing an “enterprise awareness” and entrepreneurial  mindset is best begun while engineers are students says Ron Nixon, co-founding partner, The Catalyst Group, Inc.  As head of the Engineering Advisory Board task force on entrepreneurialism, he provides his perspective to the university on best practices for nourishing an “enterprise awareness” and entrepreneurial  mindset while engineers are students.  Read more.

Larry O'Donnell, BSArE '80, in New TV Role

In the premiere episode of "Undercover Boss," a new prime time television program, Larry O'Donnell, a 1980 engineering graduate, trades office meetings for garbage collection. Students from the Cockrell School of Engineering and McCombs School of Business viewed the episode with Larry O'Donnell before it aired nationwide and asked him questions about corporate leadership.  His responses can be viewed on the Cockrell School YouTube site.  Read more.

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