Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations on receiving a fellowship from the Cockrell School of Engineering! Read over these instructions and details to ensure things go smoothly.

Enrollment Requirement
Recipients of a fellowship from the Cockrell School of Engineering should enroll full-time. Full-time graduate enrollment includes nine hours each fall and spring, and typically three hours in the summer.

Award Distribution
Fellowships are distributed half in the fall, and the second half in the spring on the Twelfth Class Day. Stipend fellowship payments are released on the first of each month.  Once released, it takes 2-3 days for funds to reach you.  The funds are either deposited electronically into your bank account or mailed to you. For direct deposit (EFT), make sure you provide your bank information on the My Bank Information site.

Planning to be away from campus for a semester?
Let the Engineering Scholarship Program know if you plan to be away from campus by completing the Scholarship Schedule Form. We will review your fellowship to likely distribute it all at once, or postpone it for when you return.

One-Year Fellowship Recipients

If you are a recipient of a one-time fellowship from the Cockrell School of Engineering, the first order of business is to write a thank you letter to your donor. Your appreciation means a lot to them. Download the Fellowship Instructions for complete details on submitting your thank you letter and receiving your fellowship funds.

Multi-Year Fellowship Recipients

Annual Report
Multi-year fellowship recipients (Engineering Doctoral, Cockrell, MCD and Thrust 2000 Fellowships) are expected to complete an annual Research Report each spring that includes an acknowledgment to your fellowship donor and an annual summary of your graduate activities, instead of submitting a thank you letter for their donors in the fall.  Fellows receive information by e-mail each April with instructions for completing the annual report due May 1.

Tuition Coverage
Your tuition bill should be paid by the university or your program area (unless you have another prearranged source). After you register for classes, you must confirm your enrollment and pay any non-required fees through My Tuition Bill.

All out-of-state students should receive in-state tuition rates if appointed for employment with the university for 20 or more hours in a GRA or TA position. To waive your out-of-state tuition, please complete an Employment Tuition Waiver after you register for classes. If you experience any challenges with your tuition bill, please contact the Engineering Scholarship Program.

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Graduate Program Contacts

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Fellowship Instructions

Please follow this guide for submitting your thank you letter and receiving your fellowship.

Download this file (Scholarship_Instructions.pdf)Instructions for fellowship recipients

Contact Information

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Phone: 512-475-6830
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