Student organizations within the Cockrell School collect dues from their members and host a variety of fundraisers to support their organization.

Types of fundraisers include, but are not limited to:

  • Car washes
  • Food sales (baked goods, burger burns, fajitas, ice cream, pizza, snacks, soft drinks, etc.)
  • T-shirt sales

Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraisers should be appropriate and complement the student organization's mission, as well as the mission of the Cockrell School and the university.

  • Before you begin, make sure you have a well-formed program idea and a detailed event budget.
  • Fundraisers cannot be promoted or advertised without final facility confirmation and ESL approval.
  • All monies (including tickets and concessions) collected by sponsored student organizations must be deposited into their university account with ESL.

Corporate Relations Fundraising

Corporate Relations fundraising is fundraising activities by student groups directed to off campus entities, including local businesses, corporations or individuals. It is important that all fundraising ensures good long-term stewardship of Cockrell School and university donors.

Broad university fundraising priorities must be considered before solicitations are made to potential donors. Donations of funds or materials from outside entities, such as companies and individuals, are called "gifts" to the student organization.

Find more information under the Corporate Relations section of the Web site.

Food Fundraisers on Campus

If your organization wants to sell food anywhere on-campus as a fundraiser, you must:

  1. Clear date with ESL. This insures that organizations are not competing with each other (dates, types of food, location, etc.)
  2. Reserve outdoor space with Student Activities, found here.
  3. Complete UT Austin required Food Safety Form, found here.
  4. Follow "Food Safety & Grilling Guidelines" found below.