First-Year Interest Groups

First semester freshmen entering Engineering have the chance to get off to a great start at UT Austin by enrolling in a First-Year Interest Group (FIG). The mission is to help students succeed by supporting them academically, developmentally and socially. This is achieved by cohort registration and a supplemental seminar designed to not only acquaint the FIG members with faculty, staff and students, but also to introduce them to university facilities and resources.

The program allows incoming first-year students to enroll in the same two or three classes together. Courses are organized around a theme or an academic area: some by major, some by programs. For example, you can enroll in a FIG offered by your department, the Engineering Honors Program, the Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program or the Women in Engineering Program.  In addition to taking classes in common with a small group of students in the interest group, students will:

  • Satisfy degree requirements
  • Forge a link between academics and social experience
  • Form study groups
  • Have regular contact with peer and staff advisers
  • Be introduced to academic resources at UT-Austin

The FIG program is completely free and includes courses that you would be required to take for your degree. The one-hour weekly seminar does not count for course credit but attendance is expected each week. Students are able to review the offerings and choose the FIG during New Student Orientation in the summer.