Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions

You're looking for a scholarship, or have been awarded one. Now you have questions. We have answers!

How do I apply for engineering scholarships?

Future students should submit the admission, scholarship and essay sections of the ApplyTexas application. Current engineering students apply through the Engineering Scholarship Menu.

When is the deadline for submitting my scholarship application?

Future students must apply by December 1, and current students apply yearly by March 1.

Should I also apply for scholarships through the department of my major?

The Engineering Scholarship Program works with academic advisers within each department to award all the scholarships available to students. We process awards for all endowed scholarships and annual scholarships from companies and organizations.

What are the criteria for selecting candidates for scholarships?

A majority of the Cockrell School scholarships are based solely on merit. In-residence GPA is the key factor considered. Some scholarships are based on additional criteria such as financial need or adversity, field of study, career interests, student organization involvement, leadership or work experience.

How many scholarships may I receive through the Engineering Scholarship Program?

In general, no student should receive more than one scholarship award from sources within the university and the Cockrell School. This includes scholarship award programs through the Engineering Scholarship Program and the departments in the Cockrell School. Also included are scholarships funded by outside sources that are administered through the Cockrell School or the university and handled through university accounts, such as the Terry Foundation Scholarships.

Should a student receive more than one scholarship award from sources within the university or the Cockrell School of Engineering, the Engineering Scholarship Program will review the total award package and adjustments may be made to the Cockrell School of Engineering sponsored awards prior to the beginning of the next academic semester.

Will I be eligible for an out-of-state tuition waiver?

Unless you were notified of the waiver as part of your scholarship offer, then you will not receive one later.

When will I be notified if my scholarship is continued or if I have received a Cockrell School scholarship?

Future students receive scholarship offers from the Engineering Scholarship Program early to mid spring as admission decisions are finalized.  Current students are usually notified by email approximately mid July of any scholarship awards and renewals for the following academic year.

If I was offered a multi-year scholarship, do I have to complete the Engineering Scholarship Application?

Yes. That is part of the requirements for renewing your scholarship each year. Complete the Engineering Scholarship Application by March 1 each spring to renew your scholarship.

Why does my Engineering Scholarship not show up on my Financial Aid Award Letter?

The Engineering Scholarship Program is separate from the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS). Scholarships and financial aid awarded to you from the financial aid office at The University of Texas at Austin appear in the CASH screen. Scholarships awarded to you from the Cockrell School appear on the Engineering Scholarship Menu. The OSFS will be aware of awards given to you by Engineering, but these awards will never appear on the CASH screen.

Will I be eligible for my scholarship if I am doing a co-op?

Scholarships are not available while students are away from school completing a co-op work term.. Generally, your scholarship will be pushed forward until the next semester. Please complete the Scholarship Schedule Form in order for us to review your award and adjust disbursement.

Will I be eligible for my scholarship if I am studying abroad?

In most cases, your engineering scholarship is available while you are studying abroad, if you are participating in an engineering or university approved study abroad program. Please complete the Scholarship Schedule Form in order for us to review your award and adjust disbursement.

What if my GPA falls below the required minimum?

If you are the recipient of a multi-year scholarship, your cumulative, in-residence GPA is reviewed at the end of each long semester. If you fall below the minimum required for your scholarship, you may be placed on probation. Typically, students are given at least one semester to bring their GPA back to the required minimum. You would continue to receive the scholarship for the semester you are on probation. If your GPA does not return to the minimum, then you might lose the scholarship. However, your scholarship could be reinstated in the future if you bring your GPA back up in a later semester.

Do I have to write a second thank you letter in the spring?

Students turn in thank you letters once per academic year when they receive the scholarship. During the spring semester, you will receive an email notification letting you know whether or not you are still in good standing to receive your scholarship. The funds will be release to you automatically on the twelfth class day each semester.

If I am a Dual Degree Major (Engineering/Plan II or ARE/ARC), will I receive my continuing scholarship for an additional year?

If you currently receive a four-year scholarship from the Cockrell School, you can extend your scholarship one additional year if you are enrolled in a dual degree with Engineering and Plan II or Architectural Engineering and Architecture. Notify the Engineering Scholarship Program that you are a still enrolled as a dual degree major during your fourth year.  A fifth year will be added only if you are still currently enrolled in both Engineering and Plan II  or ARE/ARC at the end of your fourth year.

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